Ten points of a happy and enduring Marriage

1. Work on your marriage everyday! Cultivate and nurture it with tender LOVE, unceasing COURTESY, and infinite PATIENCE. It is a life-time.

2. Communicate! LISTEN to each other and consult together. When differences arise, as they always do, tell each other how you feel.

3. Laugh together and have fun together. Plan week-end outings and excursions.

4. Learn to give in …selflessly and happily.

5. Always remember that marriage is a commitment: this means steadfast loyalty to each other AT ALL TIMES and UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

6. Encourage each other. PRAISE your partner and give him or her support and assistance, and do so frequently.

7. Be positive. Try to avoid being negative.

8. Accept your partner as he or she is. In time, as you live together, both of you will change and you will draw closer to each other.

9. Be loving and affectionate. Show your love by your actions. Hold hands and hug each other. Remember to say “I love you!” There is a magic in these words.

10. Establish a home of love, warmth and hospitality.

(Extract from the book “Thoughts on Marriage” by Margaret Ruhe.)


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